Made-to-Order Products (Manufactured in India)

Inline Fans

RA (High Performance, High Efficiency Axial Fans)

Greenheck High Performance Axials, Model RA, are direct driven axials designed for inline air ventilation in commercial, institutional or industrial buildings. The casing design and construction are well suited to indoor or outdoor applications and can be easily installed in ducted or nonducted systems. The RA is designed to significantly reduce operating costs and is the most efficient inline fan manufactured by Greenheck! Additionally, the RA blade design offers inherently lower sound levels than typical axial fans.

Typical Ventilation Applications include: Supply and return fans for air handling equipment, Emergency smoke and heat exhaust, Stairwell pressurization, Parking garage and storage facility exhaust, Industrial process ventilation, Tunnel ventilation

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GJ (High Performance, High Efficiency Jet Fans)

The GreenJet series includes a range of fans to accommodate your needs for parking garage ventilation. The GreenJet provides the right amount of ventilation in the right location at the right time and the right price. To take the guesswork out of selecting the right GreenJet for your application, we're offering preconfigured units for either high performance or high efficiency installations.

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BSQ-M and SQ-M (Centrifugal Inline Fans)

Centrifugal inline fans, SQ-M and BSQ-M, are designed for clean air applications including intake, exhaust, return, or make-up air systems where space is a prime consideration. Units feature removable side panels for easy access for inspection and service.

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FD and DFD (Static and Dynamic Fire Dampers)

Fire dampers are designed to protect duct penetrations and transfer openings in fire rated walls, barriers, partitions, or floor/ceiling assemblies. Model FD is for use in HVAC systems that shut down in the event of fire, while model DFD is for use in HVAC systems that remain operational in the event of a fire. Upon temperature elevation, the dampers will automatically shut, preventing the spread of flames. 1 ½ and 3 hour rated fire dampers are available, in fusible link temperatures of 74ºC (165ºF), 100ºC (212ºF), and 141ºC (286ºF).

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SMD and FSD (Smoke and Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers)

Smoke (SMD) and combination fire and smoke (FSD) dampers are designed for use in HVAC system applications where emergency smoke or fire/smoke control is required. Upon temperature elevation, damper will close automatically to prevent the spread of fire and/or smoke. Dampers include factory installed actuators wired to a single junction box.

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VCD (Control Dampers)

Control dampers are designed for use in HVAC systems requiring modulating airflow. Blade design maximizes free area, increasing damper performance. Dampers may be mounted in either direction of airflow which is an advantage when installing with space constraints.

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